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ICT can play a vital role in emergency and humanitarian response as such nearly 1 million Rohingya Refugee camped in Bangladesh border are being well managed and sheltered with the support of efficient ICT tailored facilities. This issue of the newsletter covers the experience of using Geographic Information Systems for Protecting Refugee Camps from floods …Read More >>

ICTs have tailored into our everyday lives in a way that has created a strong nexus between technologies and economic, social and human development. This issue of the newsletter covers how CGIAR Platform can generate big data to enhance the impact of international agricultural research and help revolutionize farming in the developing countries where uncertainties …Read More >>

Innovation is the key to creating new ideas, adapting to challenges and making progress. This ap-plies not only to developing new technologies, but also to designing any research, learning or de-velopment projects. Innovation needs to come from the target community or people itself for whom any product is being developed who are intended to be …Read More >>

ICTs can impact the lives of ordinary people in many ways and enable better planning, sharing of knowledge, and dissemination of information to the most remote areas and create new opportunities. As new challenges emerge, market systems become more complex. ICT can provide the solution to such challenges and facilitate, empower & bring changes to …Read More >>